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Goodness Grover Private Membership Association

About PMA: Services



A PMA stands for private membership association. It is a legally formed and private association that is only open to its members and not the general public. This means only members can participate and receive education, services and products though our PMA. PMA's establish their own guidelines of operation, with fewer restrictions and joining members will sign a contract agreeing on those established guidelines. PMA's are protected by the U.S. constitution and allow members to freely choose what is best for them and also privately assemble. Many PMA's are used for private golf clubs, health clubs and shopping clubs where memberships are required to join. Some you may recognize or be familiar with are Boy Scouts of America, Vietnam Veterans of America and Costco.


Take back the power in your health choices!

Goodness Grover chose to become a PMA to better serve you in your natural health choices. As you may know, our current healthcare system is government run and does not always agree with holistic education, services and products. They tend to interfere and even restrict practioners in what they say and do. By choosing to be a PMA it protects our right to provide you with education, services and products that you feel is best for you and without the interference. By you choosing to become a member your rights of freedom of choice and private assembly are protected. You will have the freedom to take charge of your health!


Still have questions?

Q. Why do I have to become a member?
A. Becoming a member takes us out of the public domain and brings us into the private domain and this is where we are protected by the U.S. constitution to have the freedom and privacy to interact how we wish without oversight.
Q. What am I paying for?
A.  You are paying a gift amount in exchange for a Lifetime Membership with Goodness Grover PMA to show your comittment to your health and freedom. Within your membership you will be eligible for members only benefits and gifts in return. We do not do business or sell products. We are only exchanging gifts within the PMA.
Q. Can I cancel?
A. Yes you can, at anytime. But why would you? There is no risk and all gain to be part of our PMA!
Q. If I cancel can I get my money back?
A. Goodness Grover PMA considers all gift exchanges to be final however if both parties agree, we will consider a reversal of the exchange.
Q. Can I upgrade my membership?
A. YES! We will have tons of membership levels. Membership gift amount levels will vary based on type and level of membership. Different levels will be exchanged for gifts of services, assets and education in exchange for your gift amount. Custom memberships will be available too! 
Q. Can I just pay for my products or classes ect.?
A. No. We are no longer dealing with commerce or selling anything. Your membership gift amount and upgraded membership levels will give you acess to various gifts in return of your choice including assets, classes and services. Still confused? Send me an email and I will explain.


Just a few steps process!

  1. The first step is to click the join membership button below! This takes you to our plans and pricing page where you will find our lifetime membership package! Make sure you read the details and submit.

  2. Step 2! You will receive an email from Goodness Grover with a membership request form. Fill out and get back to us ASAP. 

  3. Step 3! Once we recieve and review your form, if your membership is approved you will receive the Lifetime Agreement Form. Please review it and only sign if you agree! If you do not review within 24 hours we may cancel your pending membership approval. Sign and send back within 24 hours and you are approved!

  4. Thats it! You are now a member! You will be emailed a special password to allow you acess to the members only area. You will then have acess to our full array of upgraded memberships, bookings, products, services, exclusive content and more! You also get a free 15 minute consult with your membership that can be used at any time (make an appointment of course!) What are you waiting for? Go join now! : )


All the things!

Members have acess to everything Goodness Grover PMA has to offer. Hit the link below to see just some of the offerings! Or click one of the Join memberships links and join us now! We hope to serve you on this health and freedom journey within our PMA! If you still have questions do not hesitate to contact us by clicking one of the contact us buttons! See you on the members side!

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