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Word on the Street

"I don’t have enough words to describe how Nicole and her mindfulness practice has helped me to relax and learn to enjoy my life. From the first minute of our meetings, her pleasant, kind, positive and warm personality provided me joy, fun and support in my journey."


"Before I started working with Nicole, I had been in a stressful season of life. Every day was overwhelming and I felt that I was failing at life, which caused a cycle of depression.  She helped me to break things down into manageable pieces.  Even with all I had going on, we started with small goals for me such as exercise for a few minutes a day and drinking water.  This gave me the energy to tackle the larger goal of getting my house packed and ready to move by creating routines, while balancing it all with daily life with kids!  I love that she asked a lot of questions to find out what was going on and patiently listened to my answers.  I recommend her coaching to anyone who is struggling with depression, low self-confidence, overwhelmed with life, or looking for balance." 


"Right before l started coaching sessions with Nicole, l was about to leave my previous job at the hospital where l worked for the last 16years. My mind was a little bit busy in the middle of a big shift change time. With her loving and peaceful energy with wisdom and knowledge of holistic way, she created safe, nonjudgmental container where l felt no resistance in our energy field and was able to open up and share my story freely. I would recommend Nicole as a nurse coach to anyone who seeks for better health organically from different dimensions, physically, mentally and spiritually."


"Before I started working with Nicole we were trying to figure out how to help our daughter Olivia who is autistic, get the nutrients she needs.  With Nicole’s coaching we were able to try some new methods of offering veggies to Olivia.  Nicole also helped us with getting vitamins that Olivia could take.  We also decided to put Olivia on a dairy free diet to help with many other issues she was having. Nicole was always very warm and understanding. I never felt like I was being judged for what I saw as shortcomings with helping Olivia have a healthy diet.  I loved how she made me feel like I was doing a great job already, which is something I struggle with as a mom of a child with special needs. 

-One of the biggest benefits of the coaching sessions was finally making the decision to get Olivia on a dairy free diet.  I think this helped stabilize her weight and cleared her eczema. Another achievement was finally committing to date for getting Olivia’s blood work done. This was something big we needed to do, but because we feared it we had kept putting it off. Thanks to Nicole I finally took the leap and booked her blood work. She really challenged me to make those decisions, but in the most supportive way. 

 - All of the new strategies we talked about helped change the way I looked at food and what success might look like for Olivia. Thanks to Nicole’s insights I’m able to have a more detailed plan for Olivia's future with healthy foods. 

- I would definitely recommend this coaching to anyone having a hard time with a picky eater like my daughter. I would also recommend it to simply anyone who wants help with using food to heal other health issues."


"Nicole’s demeanor helped me feel safe to play full out.  Her temperament allowed me to feel calm and centered entering every call.  I was very present every time. 
I was able to heal a very old and deep relationship with my older brother as well as correct a generational trauma that I was carrying from my mother.  Both of which were affecting my daily routines and decisions. I would recommend Nicole to anyone who needs a safe space to make progress on their own goals.  She really helped me lean into my own self sufficiency."


"I can’t say enough wonderful things about this company! Nicole is a wealth of knowledge in so many areas! Tea is an already difficult product to get because many large brands are highly processed. These teas are super concentrated and a little goes a long way! What I like most is that the teas are seasonal and they have added benefits to support health. I especially like the caffeine free chai teas because they prepare you for a nice sleep and can help reduce coffee intake. I bought a set of fall teas back in October and I still have some because of how concentrated they are. For the use and affordable price these teas are well worth it and I will be buying more!"

Vinny Balducci

"Nicole makes the most wonderful teas. Good night moon works so well for my insomnia. I have other products that I ordered but haven’t had a chance to use yet. And I really appreciate all of the time spent in answering questions. I’ll be taking a class with her soon and I can’t wait! I definitely urge you to support this wonderful woman and her small business."

Patti Stark

If Goodness Grover PMA has helped you or changed your life in any way please reach out as we would love to hear from you and include your testimonials here! If you are new to Goodness Grover please click the Learn more button to see what we have to offer our PMA members!


"I used Cantharis for a burn from cast iron and the sting went awat immediately and it never blistered. I gave my dad Pulsatilla for a cough that was keeping him up at night and he slept like a baby. AND thanks to Ledum, I'm no longer paranoid over the slew of ticks we've found all over! Thanks for sharing the gift of Homeopathy with us! I'm learning so much and am so grateful to you for sharing your knowledge with us."
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