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Holistic Registered Nurse and Nurse Health Coach


Nicole is an RN who received her associates degree in nursing from Brookdale Community College. She went on to work in long term care with the elderly and obtained many nursing supervisor positions. She also has nursing experience working with children.

She quickly became tired of the "sick care" system and went on to pursue her Holistic Nursing Bachelor's Degree from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. She then attended Nurse Coach Collective to become a holistic nurse health and wellness coach.

She also is essential oils certified by Dr. Josh Axe Essential Oils Institue, an energy worker (Reiki), a certified ear seeds practioner (auricular therapy), an emotional freedom technique practioner (EFT), and currently a student in the Academy of Practical homeopathy.

Nicole has done research in her spare time on herbal education, homeopathic medicine, non toxic living and real food as nutrition. A life long learner who continues to grow and educate herself so she can educate others! Come see what Nicole has to offer you by joining Goodness Grover PMA now!

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